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Being 20 is just no fun at all. 10 reason why this has been a shitty year.

1) All your friends start to have their 21st birthday before you but, you can go to the party because you are still 20.

2) Everyone still thinks you are a teenager.

3) College all around sucks but, add in that half your classmates are little babies. Freshmen are the worst.Not to mention most the people you follow on tumblr are in high school. FML.

4) You are in this awkward state of do I get a grown up job or should I still work at the mall??

5) If you are like me and didn’t move out at 18, you still live with your folks. They love to say “You are 20. You are an adult now.” like I have transformed from a caterpillar to a butterfly. No, bitch that never happened.

6) High school bastards love to ask for your advice because, you aren’t a teenager anymore. Honestly unless you are my follower on tumblr you could go jump off a cliff lol….but, really.

7) Oh yeah, you still can’t drink but, hahaha you are so close. I realize that but, I might as well be 12 years old bars still won’t let me in past 10pm.

8) The awkward you are 20, you should start paying some of your bills…. so because, I got old you have to punish me with this shit because, why? I still barely make any money.

9) You are 20 so now you feel like 23 and 25 are approaching which means, babies and wedding bells. You want actual serious relationship. Boys still just want to fuck because, they aren’t 21 yet. Dating older guys, they still give you this look because, they can’t take you to the bar.

10) All you do is countdown the months, weeks, and days till your next birthday yet, you know in the back of your mind after that birthday none of them be special anymore. Or at least until it means your car insurance is lower. Fuck getting old. This blows.

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Posted on January 10th, 2012
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